miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

La vida es dura y luego te mueres...

Y por estas cosas los juegos son uno de los medios de comunicación más potentes


Curiosamente el juego ha producido respuestas negativas

That's some nice propaganda they got there.
Let me tell you, if I can get by on my measly 250 bucks a month, I'd be on easy street with almost 400.

This game is so terribly unrealistic that it's essentially propaganda. I lived on a total budget of $300 US for three months 

straight with no problems in New Mexico. It was easy.

Yeah, I gotta concur. I can live on quite a bit less than it suggests.
Also, all of the "unexpected" costs pile up way faster than would be realistic. In a year? Maybe. In a month? No way.

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